Friday, October 12, 2012

StreetSCAPE - J.Barton, R.Combe

    Urban Connections

For many people, street signs reflect a certain degree of sameness and so are regularly dismissed and overlooked by passers-by as mere indicators of place.  Our photo-essay, however, seeks to effectively challenge these commonly held perceptions and thus has sought to present these commonplace and largely uninspiring objects in a new and interesting light.  In doing so, we decided to focus primarily on the various ways in which street signs can be captured in terms of light, texture, decay as well as highlight their unique placement in different locations.  Moreover, we attempted to inject these inanimate objects with an element of life by photographing them from various angles and perspectives.

As our photographs were largely captured in the inner city area and eastern suburbs of Sydney, they subtly reflect the changes in various socio-economic and cultural areas. Therefore, whilst some of the photographs depict a certain degree of rawness and imperfection others are evidently more polished and have been preserved by local councils. As well as providing us with these textual contrasts, travelling to different city suburbs enabled us to document how street signs are presented in an array of colours and forms. 

All in all, our photo essay titled ‘Urban Connections - StreetSCAPE’ aimed to transform and thus elevate the somewhat mundane and lifeless character of street signs so that they had the capacity to capture and challenge the reader’s imagination – and in essence, illustrate that there is indeed, beauty in the bleak. 

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