Friday, October 12, 2012

Jannat Dawra - 42457300
Nathan Sweeney - 42457254

The concept/intent of our Photo Essay is the overlooked and somewhat unappreciated environmental elements of the everyday aesthetic.

The decision to stick to a colour scheme (red) was decided after aiming to maintain a constant theme – sustaining the same colour through a range of objects and natural elements seemed a noteworthy one. Due to its dominant and energetic presence; Sydney’s city, China town and Darling Harbour were decided as the location for the shoot. We aimed to highlight the paradox of the colour’s primary and dominant nature; red stop signs, architecture of significance and natural environments seemed to be ignored in order to make room for expressions for and against economic desire depicted through powerful vehicles and-graffiti stained business buildings. 

The colour also has cultural significance, stemming from the Chinese culture, which perceives red as a colour of luck and goodwill – decorating its landmarks, symbols and other cultural acts consistently with this colour. Although bright and colourful, the landmarks and elements of nature become a motif for the true everyday aesthetic which is constantly overlooked and unappreciated in a economically-driven and arguably rushed world. 

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