Friday, October 12, 2012


Bianca Ellershaw (42865255) and Eleanor Bailey (42882311)

The images encapsulated within the video ‘Líneas’ were specifically composed to reflect the Everyday Image (Murray, 2008) through the unique theme of texture and a line sub theme. The textures that compose the urban environment are a mundane and overwhelmingly overlooked component of everyday life despite the frequency with which they are encountered. As such the images immediately draw the eye creating a path to follow and indicating the unseen details and unique patterns of everyday life that remain undetected.

The close up nature of the images used in ‘Líneas’ uncovers the true, and unnoticed, beauty of Everyday objects. As such it reflects the growing photographical trend of the Everyday Aesthetic, as described by Murray, in which photos are artistically composed to create unique images that demonstrate beauty in the ordinary and also hint at the every day life of composers.

The power of ‘Líneas’ is that the textures and lines captured hint at components of the everyday life that are simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar due to the frequency with which they are overlooked. Fences, object and other surfaces that are used everyday are suddenly transformed, detailed and surprisingly beautiful thereby capturing the splendour and influence of the Everyday Aesthetic.

Murray, S. (2008) “Digital Images, Photo-Sharing, and Our Shifting Notions of Everyday Aesthetics”, Journal of Visual Culture, 7:132-146.