Friday, October 12, 2012

Paige West MAS110 Photo Essay

MAS110 Photo Essay

'Lights' by Paige West - 42846129

The concept of an everyday aesthetic refers to an everyday image, often “one’s discovery and framing of the small and mundane” (Murray, 2008, p. 147). Amateur photography of today focuses on this everyday aesthetic, photographing images, which one may not necessarily notice or appreciate in their day-to-day life. This is why I have chosen to photograph the simple and mundane everyday object; light fittings. Everyone, everyday, uses this object more then once. The simple activity of turning on a light switch has become automatic, with little appreciation for the impact a little bit of light can have on us. Even the beauty of a simple light fitting above us is overlooked as we pass by. I have photographed this new aesthetic using the same low angle for each image, looking directly above at the light fittings I have selected to photograph. Using this angle allows me to further emphasis the notion of an, ‘everyday aesthetic’ as we often do not notice a light fitting directly above us. My sub-theme is light and dark. I photographed half of the light fittings with the light on, and half with the light off. Even if a light is on, one may not appreciate its impacts on everyday life.  This is particularly apparent if a light is off. This photo shoot allows me to depict the ‘everyday’ aesthetic of light fittings and emphasise its necessity to everyday life.

Reference List:

Murray, S (2008) Digital Images, Photo-Sharing, and Our Shifting Notions of Everyday Aesthetics. Journal of Visual Culture August 2008 vol. 7(2). 147-163.

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