Friday, October 12, 2012

Courtney Levin and Aastha Kapur Photo Essay

Photo Essay Rationale
In regards to our project, my partner and I chose to explore shadows. This is because we found it to be an interesting subject because of the way shadows change depending on the time of day and the type of lighting available. Shadows can be manipulated by natural factors such as the weather and water and thus, we thought it would be good to use it as our topic. Although it seemed like a relatively easy task, we had some problems when it came to finding a variety of different types of shadows. Originally we had a lot of photos of trees and plants, but we then decided to take some photos around our homes and local areas. We also had to take the photos with our Iphones since we didn’t have any available cameras, so the quality of the photos weren’t as good as what they could have been. After enhancing them in Iphoto, however, we slightly improved the quality. Overall, this task was enjoyable as we got a chance to work with both Iphoto and Imovie so we learnt how to use two different programs at once. It also increased our photography skills as we had to take a variety of photos before we could decide which ones were the best to use for our essay.

By Courtney Levin and Aastha Kapur

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