Friday, October 12, 2012

Assignment 2 - Photo Essay - By Luisa Morris

MAS 110
Assignment 2 - Photo Essay

By Luisa Morris - 42457823

Theme: Doors and Doorknobs
Sub Theme: Old and New

I chose to take pictures of doors and doorknobs because we use them more than everything else everyday. I specifically wanted to highlight the character of both old and new doors. Everybody uses doors and doorknobs and often we don't pay attention to what they look like or what the history is behind them.The idea behind everyday aesthetic as Murray explain;s is to make the mundane or everyday extaordinary, "it priviledges.. the mundane".  With the subtheme of old and new I chose a song that features an intrument that can be regarded as both old and new; a violin piece from creative commons. The photos were taken over a month and the best were used. I imported the photos into "iPhoto" then edited them using different effects to simulate almost a polaroid feel to them, I then used "iMovie" to put them together and added music, then exported and uploaded the video to YouTube from iMovie.


Music by: VA "Crucify My Love" Used under Creative Commons License 

Murray, S. (2008) “Digital Images, photo-Sharing, and our Shifting Notions of Everyday Aesthetics”, Journal of Visual Culture. 

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