Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MAS110- Photo Essay

By Robbie Fatt (42858550) and Sam Rochlin (42501040)



When we heard that the photo essay topic was “Everyday Aesthetics” we brainstormed ideas that would best suit overlooked and simple objects. After much discussion, Sam and I decided to go with the theme of locks. Locks are an overlooked part of every person’s everyday life, and so we concluded that photos of locks would be very effective in portraying the everyday. Our video reflects Murray’s idea that “there is less narrative coherence in the practice of ‘strict groups’ and much more of a fascination with the process of compilation and comparison” (155).

Murray, Susan. Transience, Collection, and the Everyday Image. Digital Images, Photo- Sharing and Everyday Aesthetics. Sage Publications. Pg: 155. Print. 

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